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Welcome to the International Women's Club of Lucerne

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About IWCL

Our club is now in its 44th year and continues to grow.

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You may like to view our list of activities and if you see something that you are interested in please go to our upcoming events calendar which will give you the dates events are taking place. You can then contact us and you will be welcome to come along as a guest! Dues are only CHF 80 per year.

Being a member benefits you in many ways: you will make new acquaintances and form friendships, most of the events that are organised are FREE, it gets you out of your home and you may find that something organised, like Mah-Jong or the Book Club, for instance, becomes a hobby.

To benefit from all the club has to offer and to BECOME A MEMBER, just click here for an application form.  

This photo is of our 2022/23 Board of Directors for the IWCL.  The Board members meet on Zoom each month and here is a screen shot of the ladies.  You’ll find the current Board listed with their contact details under the Members Only tab above.

Our Groups

Coffee Morning - Open to everyone.  We meet at the Hofgarten restaurant from 10-11:30 am. 

English Book Club - Once a month on a Monday afternoon to talk about a book and exchange opinions.

Bridge Club - Meets every Wednesday afternoon. All members are welcome to join for lunch before the game.

Photography Club - Come join us on an ad hoc basis to learn more about photography in an interactive setting.

German Conversation - On ZOOM, practice or improve your German conversation skills in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere every Thursday morning.

Cultural Events - Once a month as museum tours, historic town visits, concerts, etc.

Shibashi QiGong - On ZOOM, a 20 minute, early morning, exercise regimen that follows the 18 movements of this art.

TED Talks+ - Discussion group meets once a month  covering topics gathered from media like podcasts and videos.   

Catch Up! (With Tasks and Each Other) - On ZOOM, twice a month allowing you to spend time together simply concentrating on a project that you wish to start, continue or complete, be it sewing, sketching, writing, ironing, whatever...then have a little social time to chat and have a drink afterwards.   

MahJong - Similar to the Western game of rummy and involves skill, strategy, calculation and a degree of chance. 

Running/Power Walking Group - Every Monday morning to enjoy some recreation. Currently on hiatus.

Scrabble - A fun game of word tiles that everyone knows. Helps to expand the brain and has a competitive edge.

Wine O'Clock - Currently on hold until after the summer and may be resumed in the Autumn.  Held using ZOOM, an hour and a half on a Thursday evening to enjoy a drink and catch up.

Anything Goes - This is for all the things we'd like to try but haven't had the chance to yet...

Cooking with Friends - Ad hoc events - Gastronomes, gourmets, oenophiles, and those of us who just like the good life. 

Luncheons - Occasionally held at different restaurants in the Luzern area. The Bridge Club invites all members to join them for lunch each week before the game starts.

Rotsee Walking Group - Meet Monday mornings to walk around the Rotsee. 


Major Events Coming Up

Our Christmas/Holiday period is approaching and there are two events for your enjoyment:

The first is on Thursday 1st December at 11.30am, which is our Christmas/Holiday Lunch and, as usual, the Club is subsidising the cost of lunch.

The second is on Friday 9th December starting at 2pm and this is our Christmas/Holiday Coffee.  Again, the Club will pay for one coffee or tea and one serving of cake per member attending.

Have a look on our website at these events.


We meet at the Hofgarten every Tuesday from 10:00 am until 11:30 am for a drink and a chat.  

Just pop by to meet friends and new members. 

No Registration required.

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International Women's Club of Lucerne


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