If you use Google Chrome as your browser, you can set it to automatically translate German websites into English, however most of these websites have been linked with the English version.  Of course, once on the site you can open up other languages - usually German, French or Italian.

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Tax Return Consultants (English speaking):
N&W Treuhand GmbH - Yvonne Niederberger-Wyder (This link takes you to their 'Home' page - if you click on Über uns this opens the page with their Team on)
Yvonne Niederberger-Wyder specialises in International Tax Accounting in English as is recommended, by Pilatus Aircraft Company, to all their English speaking employees.  Contact details: N&W Treuhand GmbH, Hinter Graben 7, 6383 Dallenwil.  Tel: 041 628 21 41  Email: yvonne.niederberger@nw-treuhand.ch  

AIT Services - American Income Tax - Rebecca Heid (This link takes you to their 'Our Team' page)
A member of IWCL has been using Rebecca Heid for years and has been very satisfied with her services.  Contact details: AIT Services, Bahnhofstrasse 15, 4310 Rheinfelden.  Tel: 061 483 70 47  Email: info@aitservices.ch


Blue Cinema (previously Kitag Cinema)


Online Support and Information:
Lucerne and Central Switzerland Facebook Group - search in Facebook for this Group name

International Women's Club of Lucerne


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