Our Groups

Daily event:

Shibashi QiGong

Join us every Monday through Friday morning at 7:00 am via Zoom.
After saying a brief “good morning”, we jump straight into our daily practice. The session lasts approx 20 minutes, after which we wish each other a “lovely day” and bid “adieu”.
This suits all levels (whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Shibashi Qigong-er), as we will be following a video of the 18 movements of Shibashi Qigong.   

Weekly events:

Coffee Morning

We meet at the Hofgarten every Tuesday from 10:00am until 11:30am for coffee/tea and a chat.
Please note that you do not need to register for this event.
Just pop by to meet friends and new members and if you have someone visiting you for a few days, like a friend or relative, then please bring them along.

If you are a non-member and would like to know a little more about the Club, you are welcome to come along on a Tuesday morning.

Bridge Club

The Bridge Club meets every Wednesday afternoon. Each week the ladies play in one of 2 restaurants - alternating between Murmatt, Lucerne and Pyramide, Meggen - the venue will be mentioned in the title of the specific event for that week. Play is from 1pm until about 4pm or 4:30pm.

Each week, several members come for lunch at noon. All IWCL members are welcome to have lunch with them at either venue.

German Conversation 

Is German your second or even third language? Would you like a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to practice and improve your German conversation skills?  Join us for a chat on Thursday mornings via Zoom at 09:30am.

Monthly events:


On the first Monday of every month at 2pm we play Mahjong at the Hofgarten restaurant. Come join us if you would like to play this popular and fun Asian 'card game', played with Mahjong tiles. It is commonly played by four players and is a game of skill, strategy and calculation involving a degree of chance.
For those of you who fancy playing this wonderful game you are most welcome to join us and if you have a Mahjong set you may bring it along with you. Beginners are welcome. It is an easy game to learn.


On the second Thursday of every month at 2pm we play at the Cafe Cesar.
It is a tactical game as much as a test of vocabulary, and we play in a relaxed manner with a list of the strange but permissible two-letter words on view and the Official Scrabble Dictionary of all eligible words to consult if challenged. Up to four people can play together (we have more than one set available) and there is plenty of time to chat.
Come once as an observer and see whether you want to give it a try.

English Book Club

On the third Monday of every month from 2pm until 4pm we meet at Hotel Beau Séjour, where a fee of CHF 10.00 per attendee secures the room for our private use and also covers coffee, tea or water.

Hotel Beau Sejour is at Haldenstrasse 53 and can be reached by buses 6 or 8 (Europe stop) or bus 24 (Casino stop). There is metered parking across the road in front of the tennis courts.

Up to fifteen of us of varying nationalities (including of course non-native English speakers) meet for a lively exchange of views on a work of either fiction or non-fiction in English which has been proposed to the group by the member who will then lead the discussion on it.  Anyone is welcome to participate, but must register - and read the book of course!  We choose the programme for the following year at a special meeting in December.

Cultural Events

On the third Thursday of every month, we organize special events such as museum tours, visits to historic towns and planned sightseeing. Come join us and cultivate your spirit on a different level!

Members are encouraged to let us know of any potential cultural outings you might want to visit.  We welcome any and all ideas!


On the fourth Monday of every month at 2pm, we play at the friendly Café Cesar, which is located at the city end of the Grand National Hotel.

Backgammon is fairly easy to learn but with the luck of the dice and thoughtful strategy, a player can become a consistent winner. If you want to learn how to play this easy game, come along and we'll show you how!

Annual events:  


Newcomers' Party

Summer Party

Christmas /Holiday Coffee

Christmas /Holiday Lunch

Ad-Hoc events:  

These events are held from time to time... check the Weekly Newsletter to see when these are held

Photography Club - Come join us to learn more about photography in an interactive setting. 

TED Talks+ - Discussion group meets covering topics gathered from media like podcasts and videos. 

Cooking with Friends - Gastronomes, gourmets, oenophiles, and those of us who just like the good life. 

Luncheons - Occasionally held at different restaurants in the Luzern area. The Bridge Club invites all members to join them for lunch each week before the game starts.

Rotsee Walking Group - Meet Monday mornings to walk around the Rotsee. 

Catch Up! (With Tasks and Each Other) - Allowing you to spend time together simply concentrating on a project that you wish to start, continue or complete, then have a little social time to chat afterwards.

Wine O'Clock Meeting Thursday evening on Zoom for a chat and a drink during cold winter evenings.

Anything Goes - This is for all the things we'd like to try but haven't had the chance to yet...

Do you have a wish for a new interest group? Do you have a skill or a collection you can share? Have you heard of any local event that might interest your fellow members? Let any member of the Board know, and we will get the ball rolling and help plan that event.

We welcome any ideas for new events or groups. 

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